I’m Jay Neely.

I’ve gained a broad skill set as a startup founder, a marketing consultant, a social media manager, an event organizer, and a web developer. And now I’m looking for a role I can put those skills into.

Know of something I should consider? Drop me a line: jay [.dot.] neely [@at@] socialstrategist [.dot.] com

My Work

View my resume on LinkedIn: http://www.linkedin.com/in/socialstrategist/

My Background

I moved to Boston in 2007, drawn by Boston’s reputation as a major startup hub. I’ve attempted three startups during my time here, gaining experience in product management, content creation, and web development. After my second startup, I joined digital marketing agency refine+focus, where I gained more experience in marketing, running social media, advertising campaigns, and content creation for national brands and organizations.

During all of this, I’ve been an active connector in Boston’s startup community. I built and run Boston Startups Guide, serve as the lead organizer for one of Boston’s largest tech conferences, BarCamp Boston, coached at Boston Startup Weekend, moderate panels on the startup scene for Together Boston, and have connected many talented individuals to jobs or resources.

Questions? Have something I could help you with?

I’m happy to make new connections. Please, feel free to say hello on twitter (@JayNeely) or send me an email: jay [.dot.] neely [@at@] socialstrategist [.dot.] com